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Variation of Physical and Chemical Parameters of Wastewater of Waste Landfill in Mitrovica and Mirash, Kosova

In Kosovo there is no form that is organised and managed by the state in order to treat municipal waste and reduction of its quantity and the whole quantity goes straight in sanitary landfills. In various places there are certain individual forms of organisation or via projects that are financed to process waste, mainly letter, plastic, seldom glass etc. The ineffective action, the inablity for compression, treatment, covering according to standards, the management of waters that are drained from the decomposition of organic waste very often represent a potential threat for the pollution of nearby spaces and beyond, including the soil, water and air since methane is one of polluting gases that is released in the atmosphere. Continuous control through soil and water analysis provides an overview for the condition and contamination potential of waste landfills. This research aims to analyse and compare physico-chemical parameters of Mirash and Mitrovica waste landfills. Keywords - landfill, Mirash, Mitrovica, physico-chemical parameters, pollution.