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Visual Programming Aided Urban Vegetation Design

Advancements in computational design are leveraging Urban Design by reducing human input and increasing multi-layer integration from different discipline into one platform. Therefore in this paper, a design tool has been developed using visual programing to generate vegetation models in urban streets using a bottom-up approach called (Tdesign). The tool provides environmental analysis, construction technical details in order to aid the urban design in the planning stage. City guides and greenery regulations are embedded within the server system of the tools. A case study in Seoul city, south Korea was tested and initial results are gathered and analyzed. The results depict that automatic modeling tool Tdesign is able to produce variety of vegetation models that might aid urban design decision making process. In the future this tool will be simplified for city citizens to use without prior knowledge of scripting in order to shape their city by themselves. Keywords - Rule Based Modeling, Computational Design, Street Vegetation, Visual Programming