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The Effect of a Gamified App on the History Learning of High School Students

Nowadays, students use technology regularly, so teachers need to find a method that motivates and keep students’ interest. To the low performance of pupils in the discipline of History, we decided to analyses the impact of a gamified app to high school students on learning history. The present student aims to verify the information that students consider relevant to have in application, so a qualitative survey with open questions carried in a class of History with twenty students. During the interviews, we obtained the data to elaborate a concept map – using Leximancer – in which we found four main themes (Learning, Summary, Study and Software), representing the most critical concepts in the proposal and development of the intended app. The opinion of learners is crucial to understanding their needs for learning History efficiently and enjoyably. Therefore, this paper proposes the essential requirements that must be considered in the development of a new technological prototype for supporting and motivating students during their study. The present study contributes to establishing possible guidelines for prospective app design requirements, based on the class of History student’s responses. Further, highlights the usefulness of Leximancer for qualitative content analysis, in this field of research. Keywords - History Education, Literacy, Gamification, Technology.