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What are the Main Requirements to Conceptualize an App with the Purpose of Diminish Tax Literacy among Millennials and Generation-Z

Nowadays, entering into the labour market is a real milestone in a young person's life, since this stage entails several challenges. Introducing young people into the world of taxation, particularly by starting to pay taxes and contributions, is part of this set of challenges, regarding which due importance is not acknowledged. The same people who enter the labour market are the ones who belong to the Millennials and Generation-Z Generations. One of the characteristics of these generations is that they have a digital cunning way above the previous generations, as well as the ability to adapt quickly to new technologies. Thus, in this paper, we conducted an open questionnaire to understand the key features that Millennials and Generation-Z Generations expect from a Tax Mobile-App. Leximancer was used as a qualitative technique tool. The findings highlighted four major themes and the connections, between them, namely: Site, Functionality, Obligation and IRS, representing the most important concepts in the proposal and development of the intended App.The present study contributes to establishing possible guidelines for prospective App design requirements, based on the Millennials and generation-Z member’s responses, allowing us to present a new concept map to explain the key concepts useful for a Tax Mobile-App. Keywords - Tax literacy; Tax compliance; Mobile-App; Millennials and Generation-Z.