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Willingness to Pay for Climate Change Mitigation Measures in Energy Sector of Lithuania: Comparative Study

The papers deals with Willingness to Pay (WTP) for climate change mitigation in households linked to energy consumption. As there are two main measures to reduce energy related greenhouse gas emissions in households: use of renewable energy sources and energy efficiency improvements, the study analyses WTP for renewable microgeneration technologies and WTP for energy renovation of multi-flat buildings. The comparative case study was performed in Lithuania and results obtained were compared with other studies dealing with WTP for climate change mitigation in households. The main factors having impact on WTP for energy use linked climate change mitigation in households rea assessed and compared with other studies. The empirical case studies performed in Lithuania revealed low WTP estimates for climate change mitigation measures which are linked to low income level of Lithuanian residents especially living in old multi-flat buildings. The study of WTP for energy renovation showed that environmental awareness is important driver of willingness to pay for energy renovation as well as for renewable microgeneration technologies. Recommendations to enhance information dissemination policies are provided based on comparative study performed in Lithuania. Keywords - Willingness to Pay, Climate Change Mitigation, Households, Energy, Renewable Microgeneration Technologies; Renovation of Multi-flat Buildings; Lithuania.