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Investigation of Technology Symbol in Moshir-ol Doleh House of Qajar Architecture

This paper explores the technological aspects of Qajar architecture in 1995 Iran using the case of the Moshir- ol- Dole residential house. The Qajar period existed at the same time as both Western and Iranian civilizational development, and was an especially important era in the field of technology combination. Modern Iranian architecture is based on modern, as well as traditional, Iranian symbols. The theoretical framework used in this paper has been developed based on a literature survey, which highlighted the features and technological symbols of Iranian architecture. As a way of distinguishing between the Iranian patterns during the Qajar period and defining the technological elements used in the case-study, this study utilizes both descriptive and analytic research methodologies. Although the study primarily involves theoretical research, it also includes collecting information about the Moshir-ol Doleh Pirnia House, which is a prime example of Iranian architecture during the Qajar period in the 19th century. The Moshir ol dole House has different categories of technological symbols that were used in its design; the materials, decoration elements, plan, and other features display a combination of technology unique to Qajar architecture. Keywords - Symbol, Technology, Qajar, House