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Development and Design: Paper based Analytical Device for Infectious Marker Screening

The purpose of this research was to study the research and new product development evaluation process for commercialization by using paper based analytical device for infectious marker screening as a case study. The key criteria for technology assessment are 5 areas; rivalry among existing firms/Market, bargaining power of buyers, power of suppliers, threat of new entrants and substitute products or services. The technology assessment was reviewed by technology and business experts which shown its score as 4,4,4.2,3.6and3.4 respectively. The study factors for product selection was collected by in-dept interview with 7 Head of Provincial Public Health Office and 7 lab technicians based on 4 criterias: Experience and behavior, Knowledge, Attitude and opinion and value. The collected data was utilized for further product development in term of packaging design, product usage and business planning and development. Keywords - Paper Based, Medical Device, New Product Development, User Need, Decision Making