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State Policy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Recognition and Ensuring the Right of First Language of Southern Azerbaijanis (2005-2017)

The article deals with the policy of assimilation carried out at the state level against non-Persian peoples living in the Islamic Republic of Iran in 2005-2017, including the rights of Azerbaijani Turks to their first language. Although the issue of the first language problem that has been the subject of discussion in the socio-political and cultural circles of the country has been repeatedly raised as a result of the struggle of the Iranian Turks, little work has been done to solve the problem. The article notes that the steps taken by the Iranian regime to solve the problem are not only about the weakening of ethnic tensions, but also reveal the non-democratic, panfarsist essence of the Islamic regime. Keywords - Iran, Azerbaijani Turkish, Teaching Of Native Language, Right, State Policy