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Definition and Probabilistic Modelling of Windblown Sand Action on Civil Structures

Windblown sand effect on structures and infrastructures is fundamental for their design and performance assessment for accurate prediction in areas such as desert and coastal regions. Windblown sand will be occur in around built structures in many forms like moving sand dunes, sand drift, sand erosion, accumulation, and avalanching around. The main subject of this paper is windblown sand which defined as an environmental variable action and also defined as wind or snow. Based on some researches, windblown sand can be categorized into two categories means Sand Ultimate Limit States and Sand Serviceability Limit States. We will propose a method for evaluation windblown sand action by using probabilistic technique due to inborn variability of the phenomenon. This proposed method can be used in different parts like structures and infrastructures. Also it will be used for measuring sand mitigation. This method allow to evaluate some features of windblown sand to check out failure time. The proposed method will be applied to an area which it is a kinds of structures to prove its technical feasibility. Keywords - Windblown Sand, Civil Structures, Probability Method, Monte Carlo