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Porosity Reduction and Improvement of Mechanical Properties of Die-Cast Brass Products using Taguchi Method

By increasing the growth of various industries such as automotive industries as well as the need to build more parts with improved properties and a decrease in production costs, the die-casting method is more concerned. The die-casting method is capable of producing complex parts, reducing machining time and high-speed production rate. The aim of this paper is producing brass parts by pressure casting method then improving its mechanical properties by reducing its porosity. For this purpose, the effective parameters such as alloying elements, molten temperature, and injection pressure were improved by utilizing Orthogonal Array L9 of the Taguchi method and using Minitab software. It was found that lower molten temperature (1000 ° C), moderate injection pressure (140-ton), and 60% Cu had the best fulfilling, and lower porosity. Keywords - Die-Casting Process, Brass Alloy, Taguchi Method, Injection Pressure, Molten Temperature, Casting Defects