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Examining the Link between Inclusive Leadership and Employee Silence: The Mediating role of Open Group Climate

Drawing on theory and research on Inclusive leadership and open group climate, we examine open group climate as a mediator of the relationship between Inclusive leadership (supervisors, Time 1) and employee silence (Time 2, one month). Using a sample of 465 employees and their 128 supervisors in 50 units in different hotel organizations, we find support for our hypothesized model. We assessed reliabilities of the individual measurement scales using Cronbach’s (1951) coefficient α, Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA), Hierarchical regression and Pearson product-moment correlation coefficient in SPSS 22.0. All final factor loadings, reliability calculations. Hence, we tested all hypothesized effects by constructing bias-corrected confidence intervals from 10,000 bootstrapped samples (Tepper, Moss, & Duffy, 2011). The results of the positive relationship between inclusive leadership and acquiescent silence was partial mediated by open group climate. Second inclusive leadership is positive relationship with open group climate, acquiescent silence and employee silence. Third open group climate is positive relationship with acquiescent silence, prosocial silence, and employee silence. Fourth inclusive leadership is no relationship with defensive silence and prosocial silence. We discuss theoretical and practical implications of these findings. We also offer several promising directions for future research. Keywords - Inclusive Leadership, Employee Silence ‚ Acquiescent Silence, Defensive Silence, Prosocial Silence, Open Group Climate.