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Rethinking of Indonesia Border Diplomacy

Indonesia's border diplomacy has always been within the framework of security issues. Security issues still see borders as separating borders rather than connecting bridges. As a result, the perception of state security often ignored the socio-economic problems that exist at the border. Security issues also place borders in the realm of the state or central government; as a result, there is often a miscoordination between the center and the regions and public misperceptions of the situation of the border, border management, and the country's border areas. This unfavorable situation requires rethinking the theoretical foundation of border diplomacy by fostering collaboration between traditional diplomacy and new diplomacy. The enormous influence of globalization is the basis of the shift in the approach to border diplomacy. The issue of security and the realm of the state cannot confine the border diplomacy concept. This article proposes border diplomacy as a joint effort of both the state and non-state actors in managing border management to achieve harmony between bordering states without ignoring sovereignty. Keywords - Border Diplomacy, State and Non-State Actors, Border Management, Harmony.