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The Importance and The Necessity of Managerial Skills in Relation to The Effectiveness of Professional Head Coaches: The Case of Greece

In Greece football, basketball and volleyball are considering the 3 professional sports. The purpose of this study is evaluate and emphasize the necessity and the importance of the organizational and managerial knowledge of the professional head coaches they should posses in additional to their technical knowledge. The sample was consisted of 30 professional head coaches, n= (30), who coached in professional level in 2018-2019 season in Greece. They surveyed using a questionnaire 10 football coaches, 10 basketball coaches and 10 volleyball coaches. Using the descriptive statistics and the Likert 5 points scale it was found that, the professional football, basketball and volleyball head coaches, among 5 variables, consider the leading very important function relating to their coaching effectiveness with 60.0%, followed by the staffing with 56.6%, controlling with 46.6%, and programming and organizing with 43.3% and 36.6% respectively. They also consider as important the organizing with 46.6%, followed by the controlling with 43.3%, programming with 40% and leading and staffing with 33.3%. They consider as moderately important the organizing with 10%, and the programming, staffing, leading and controlling only with 6.66%. The coaches are considering as little important the programming, organizing, staffing and controlling with 3.33% and with 0% the leading. None of the head coaches consider all the 5 variables-functions as unimportant with 0%. Keywords - Coaches, Importance, Managerial Skills, Professional Sports.