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Sri Lankan Women Entrepreneurs: Work Life Balance

Entrepreneurship is a process of starting a new venture and Women Entrepreneurs break the stereotype barriers, created by both culture and society, and develop their career and financial stability, by setting up their own ventures. The purpose of this research paper is to examine and understand the work-life balance of Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs. The paper also aims to identify the methods used by these women entrepreneurs to balance family life with their work and professional aspirations. The research intends to analyse the role of the family in these women entrepreneurs’ lives in order to identify the reasons why women-owned businesses succeed or fail, as family ties will inevitably have an impact on their performance. The research was done in two parts; first by conducting interviews with 135 Sri Lankan women entrepreneurs through a semi-structured questionnaire. The sample was chosen from a population consisting 400 established women entrepreneurs in Sri Lanka. At the second part of the research a few chosen women entrepreneurs were interviewed face to face to obtain critical insights. It was identified during the research that perceiving a balance between work and family can lead to emotional well-being of the women entrepreneurs. The analysis presented in this research paper will demonstrate that the existence of a strong bond between women entrepreneurs and their families have contributed positively towards the success of their entrepreneurial venture. Keywords - Women Entrepreneurs, Work-Life Balance, Sri Lanka