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The Economic Impacts of Tourism Sector in Thailand

This paper aims to evaluate the economic impact of the expansion in tourism sector by employing the input-output table technique and tourism input-output table for tourism economy in Thailand. The results can be applied for the policy management to prepare for the expansion in tourism sector in sectoral level. The results explored that the final demand will grow as the tourism revenue increased but the impacts on the final demand were limited only for the major sector in direct tourism related sectors, especially in personal service for tourism, air passenger transport, retail trade of country specific tourism characteristic goods, other food service, and guesthouse. However, the impact of tourism in output is wider. The output in indirect tourism related sector will increase in the higher level than the output in direct tourism related sector. The output in railways passenger transports, recreational activities and entertainment, and spa and massage will increase significantly after the increasing in tourism revenues. For the policy recommendations, the results suggestthat (1) to promote the linkage among direct and indirect tourism related sector, (2) to allocate the final demand in tourism revenue to the other sectors, and (3) to apply the specific of policy for Thai tourists and international tourists. Keywords - Thai Tourism, Economic Impacts of Tourism, Tourism Revenues, Bridge Matrix