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Relationships between Abundance of Mollusc and Some Aquatic Environmental Factors in Pattani Bay of lower Gulf of Thailand

Molluscs are recognized as a second major invertebrate groups followed Insecta in phylum Arthropoda. Pattani bay, located in lower gulf of Thailand, is known as one of prime coastal biodiversity hotspots. This study aimed to investigate relationships of mollusc abundance and some environmental conditions in Pattani Bay. Monthly mollusc samples of 8 survey stations were collected by dredge from August 2018 to August 2019. And then samples were classified and identified to taxa. Water depth, salinity, dissolved oxygen and water pH, were monthly measured. Abundance of mollusc was set as an outcome while some water quality parameters (water depth, salinity, pH, and dissolved oxygen) were set as the determinants. The result showed that a total of 69 species, 40 families of all molluscs were record including31 gastropods and 38 bivalves. The highest species was about 64.0, and the lowest was 36.00 organism/meter square. Based on linear regression model,water depth ranged more than 80cm, and saline water more than 25 pptshowed clearly statistically significant relating to the mollusc abundance. This study reconfirmed that to maintain water depth more than 80 cm. and to keep water salinity more than 25ppt are necessary to sustain mollusc diversity and abundance of Pattani bay. Keywords - Statistical Model, Distribution of Shellfish, Aquatic Ecology, South China Sea