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Performance Analysis of Battery/Super-Capacitor Hybrid Energy Storage System with Various Topologies

Battery energy storage system in PV stand-alone system usually has a short lifespan mainly due to irregular output of renewable energy sources. Hybrid energy storage system (HESS) system is a better solution for the PV system. This paper presents performance of battery/super-capacitor hybrid energy storage system with various topologies in PV stand-alone system. Solar radiation data with two conditions and estimated load data in San Kan village are used in this PV system to present a comparison. The hybrid energy storage system with their power control system in terms of topology, complexity which is described and is estimated the battery current fluctuation rate in this study. Matlab Simulink model is used to analyse performance of hybrid battery/super-capacitor energy storage system Keywords - Battery, Super-capacitor, Hybrid Energy Storage, Micro-grid, Topologies.