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Factors that Affect The International Shopping Preferences of Consumers in Maputo, Mozambique

Although the civil war in Mozambique ended in the early 1990s, people living in the urban parts of Maputo City in Mozambique routinely travel to South Africa in order to do routine shopping. The study was conducted based on a systematic random sample of 250 residents of Maputo, Mozambique in order to identify key factors that motivate residents of Maputo to travel to South African shopping malls for shopping. Systematic random sampling was used for selecting eligible respondents for the study. Pearson’s chi-square tests of associations and factor analysis were used for data analysis. The study found that 89% of the 250 respondents who took part in the study were satisfied with their shopping experience, whereas only 11% of them not satisafied with their shopping experience. Results obtained from factor analysis showed that people living in the urban parts of Maputo City in Mozambique were motivated by 3 factors to travel to South Africa for shopping. These 3 factors were the provision of courtesy to customers, the availability of adequate information on goods and services, and attraction to a relaxing shopping environment. Keywords - Maputo, Out-Shopping, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Loyalty, Factor Analysis