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Effectiveness, Dynamics of Teachers’ Interactions and Challenges of Using Lesson Study in Promoting Higher Order Thinking Skills in Secondary School English Language Lessons: A Pilot Study

This pilot study aimed to examine the effectiveness, dynamics of teachers’ interactions and challenges of using Lesson Study in promoting Higher Order Thinking Skills in secondary school English Language lessons. Data collection were based on two tests to compare on the same sample of students via paired t-test through the Lesson Study intervention. Video and Audio recordings were carried out for the research lesson, reflection as well as interviews with the teachers involved. The results and findings of this research proved that there was a significant difference on the tests before and after the treatment was given due to the intervention of the Lesson Study strategy with HOTS implemented and the effective yet professional dynamics of interactions among the teachers who were involved. Keywords - Professional Learning Community, Lesson Study, Dynamics of Interactions, Higher Order Thinking Skills, Research Lesson