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Factors Affecting Employee Creativity & Its Impact On Organizational Innovation Capability In State Owned Banks In Hanoi, Vietnam

The worldwide economies as well as Vietnam’s are facing many challenges. One of these difficulties is the down trend in employee’s productivity, which leads to the decline in economies as the whole. The solution for this problem requires service firms which play an important role in the economy of Vietnam to focus on creativity and innovation. The major objective of the study is to examine employee creativity affected whether by job complexity and the relationship with supervisors or not and its impact on the organizational innovation capability. Data were collected through a convenient sampling from banking employees working in branches of three popular state banks in Hanoi through 24 questionnaires which then analyzed by using SPSS 22. The results showed the direct relationship of job complexity, supervisory relationship based on their interest in creative capability and supervisory relationship based on their interest in working environment which are two new factors determined from one element called supervisory relationship aforementioned on the first study framework of researchers. This study further revealed significant positive relation between employee creativity and organizational innovation capability. Managerial implications, limitations and recommendations for future research have also been discussed. Keyword- Employee creativity, Job complexity, Relationship with supervisors, Innovation