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The Efficiency of Storage Tank Hydrostatic Test Using Ipomoea Batatas Waste as Chemical Corrosion Inhibitor Substitute

Reliability & Project Development V is an investment implementation function based on the budget written in RKAP of each period. The investments carried out are spread in each work location of Marketing Operation Region V. Based on the pareto diagram analysis, the main cause for the high construction cost of storage tank was the High Hydrotest Costs and the High Non Destructive Test (NDT) costs in Marketing Operation Region V. To overcome this problem, Hydrotest Using sea water and Organic Corrosion Inhibitors is determined as alternative solution of Common Chemical Corrosion Inhibtor. By applying this alternative solution, the corrosion rate of ASTM A 283 Grade C is 3.35 mm/y vs. 6,21 mm/y (chemical corrosion inhibitor). Anthocyanin subtance tes result 700-800 mg/L. In addition, it obtained a value creation of IDR 44,762,698 (real) and IDR 7,476,519,130 (projection). The acceleration of the work of Hydrotest is as much as 7 Calendar Days. There was also a decrease in Risk Priority Number (RPN) and an increase of Likert scale for User satisfaction. This innovation has been endorsed by an external party, PT Surveyor Indonesia. Replication has been carried out for the 500 KL Capacity Hydrotest Process Tank in Fuel TerminalAtapupu. Keywords - Storage Tank, Hydrostatic Test, Organic Inhibitor Corrosion, Ipomoea Batatas