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Voluntary Disclosure Practices of Select Public and Private Banks: A Comparison

Accounting is called the language of Business. Language assists in forming aview about reality and in communication of information. These users want accounting information communicated to them should be beneficial so that it helps in rational decision making. Thus the essence of accounting is in communication which is labeled as disclosure or reporting. The Objectives of the study are to Examine the voluntary disclosure practices of select commercial banks in India and to do a comparative study of voluntary disclosure practices of selected public and private sector banks in India. Five Public Sector Banks and Five Private Sector Banks have been selected based their Market Capitalization for the study. The study examines the voluntary disclosure practices of selected commercial banks in India for the period 2013-14 to 2018-19. The study has examined the extent of voluntary disclosure practices of selected Public and Private Sector Commercial Banks in India. Bank wise disclosures indicate that the Private Sector Banks disclosed more voluntary information as compare to Public Sector Banks. Keywords - Voluntary Disclosure, Public Sectors Banks, Private Sector Banks