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A Binocular Vision of Collegial Leadership

The question that is addressed in this article is whether it matters crucially for leaders to demonstrate a binocular vision in their organizations. Consider looking through a pair of binoculars as a metaphor for leadership. One lens of the binoculars represents cognitive abilities (IQ) and technical skills while the other represents emotional intelligence (EI). Monocular vision, using only IQ produces an extremely narrow perspective of the leadership horizon. Binocular vision, combining IQ with EI, produces clearer, broader and humanistic perceptions of leadership effectiveness in the workplace. What must be clear, as research affirms, is that EI is not supposed to be in opposition to IQ but it must be an extension of the human’s potential to succeed in a people-orientated working environment. When traditional cognitive intelligence (IQ) is combined with non-cognitive intelligence (EI), it empowers leaders to perform at their best and inspire their followers to be successful, happy and to attain maximum levels of job satisfaction. Hence, this exploratory research connotes that the complexities of organizations require a new focus on collegial leadership that extends simply beyond possessing cognitive abilities alone. Furthermore, the findings of this study strongly suggest that a significant relationship can exist between the development of a collegial environment that is identified by collaborative teamwork, shared decision-making, shared core values, and a shared vision. This research therefore affirms that exemplary collegial leaders use both lenses to inspire the best from their people in order to sustain high performance from individuals and collegial teams in their organizations. Keywords - Collegial Leadership; Leaders’ Binocular Vision; Leaders’ Cognitive Abilities; Leaders’ Emotional Intelligence