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Role of Employee’s Motivational Empowerment in Managing The Organizational Innovativeness of High-Tech Enterprises

The present research focused on exploring the role of individual and organizational factors for leveraging the innovativeness of e-business firms. The study was based on case study method employing the technique of conducting semi structured interviews of the senior managers/executives of the firms. The study revealed that the role of PsyCap is crucial for psychological empowerment of knowledge workers that strengthening their creativity and innovation. The study also expressed that the organizational initiatives empowering the workers strengthens their creative potential and firm’s innovativeness. The leadership required to use such organizational policies that ensure the ‘autonomous motivation’ and ‘psychological empowerment’ of individual’s at work force. The study was conducted on e-business firms situated in national capital region in India. It is desirable that similar studies are conducted in other sectors also. Keywords - Psychological Empowerment, E-business firms, PsyCap, creative potential & Innovativeness.