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Basic KluiPieng or Teaching Techniques for a Music Students at SuanSunandha Rajabhat University

The purposes of research about basic KluiPieng Or teaching techniques for a music students at SuanSunandha Rajabhat University are 1) To study how to use the wind in playing KluiPieng Or of student at SuanSunandha Rajabhat University and 2) To present basic technique in playing KluiPieng Or of students at SuanSunandha Rajabhat University. This research is qualitative research by an interview with Thai flute. This research is also quasi-experimental research with 7 Students of 2ndyear students inThai music major, SuanSunandha Rajabhat University. The result of the study is as follows: KluiPiengOr is a Thai instrument, a type of blowing instrument. The musician blows the wind through the hole of the flute. There are 2 basic methods; 1. The long wind blowing creates a continuous long sound by using ventilation techniques to help create a continuous long wind and also to train the blowing suitable air, not too light or too strong. 2. The short sound is used to perform the melody that emphasizes the short sound. Need the clarity of the sound by using the technique of using the tongue or stopping the blowing of the wind to sound short and clear. Therefore, teaching the KluiPiengOr must start from the basic KluiPieng Or basic training with the technique of using both wind methods. The instructor explained the blowing technique as well as demonstrated it to the learners and let the student practiced follow the demonstration until they play the KluiPiengOr with correct quality of sound according to the principle of KluiPieng Or. Keywords - Music Students, SuanSunandha Rajabhat University, technique, Basic KluiPieng Or