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Preliminary Study of "Affective Embodiment Creativity Training" Impact on Artistic Curriculum

This study focuses on the curriculum design of the cultivation of narrative ability and the promotion of the sensibility as the core. The aim of course design is to cultivate students' narrative accuracy and diversity, stimulate intrinsic emotional, and integrate humanities and aesthetics with design thinking. Guided by the teaching method of the "Affective Embodiment Creativity Training" course, through the memory and learning of perception, and integrate the emotions expression training and body langue exercises, expand and combine the five senses, and promote sensitivity through exercises. A quasi-experimental design that involved totaling 52 students was used in this study. Students train in groups at the same time with (AECT), and then complete the designated images individually. The study were assessed using the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT) and surveyed with a structured questionnaire. The results demonstrated that "Affective Embodiment Creativity Training" teaching strategies had a mostly positive and significant effect on students’ narrative ability, sensibility, and enhance creativity and imagination. Keywords - Affective Embodiment, Creativity Training, Narrative, Sensibility, Design Education