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Test Case Generation from Unified Modeling Language Diagrams

Testing is the last step in the software engineering process before the deployment of the software. It is a critical activity intended to ensure that the software fulfills the requirements and meets the customers’ expectations. In other words, it is supposed to check if the program does what it is supposed to do and identify any program defects, errors or bugs before its deployment. In order to detect these errors, a test suitemust be built. This technique, which is called test case generation, is one of the most challenging parts and the most fundamental process of software testing. This paper aims to evaluate some test case generation techniques, investigate an efficient way for generating test cases from Unified Modeling Language diagrams and explore how this process could be automated. Keywords - Test Case Generation, Unified Modeling Language Diagrams, Use Case Diagram, Activity Diagram, Sequence Diagram, Graphs, Automated TCG.