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Customer Behavior and Important level of Marketing Mix on the Consumption of Frozen Desserts in Bago City, Myanmar

The aims of this study are to explore the customer behavior on the consumption of frozen desserts in Bago city, Myanmar and the important level of the marketing mix in the product, price, place, promotion, people, process and physical evidence. The majority of the respondents were female, employees, age between 15-30 years, and their income per day is 5,001-7,000 kyats. The most common frozen desserts bought by respondents were ice cream and frozen yogurt in which chocolate is their favorite flavor and avocado is their favorite fruity flavor. They concern the natural ingredients of frozen desserts as a health factor. In terms of the price of the dessert, the respondents want pricing between 1,000-2,000 kyats per cup and they consume the frozen desserts when hanging out with family and friends. Consume frequency is once a week in the afternoon and mostly in the summer season. Most of the respondents search and select good quality desserts in the recommended shop and they are willing to buy again after buying once. To buy a frozen dessert, the service of the shopis very important.Product, price, promotion, process and physical evidence are important and the place is moderately important. Keywords - Customer Behavior, Marketing Mix, Frozen Desserts