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Impact of Music on Learning: A Study among Medical Students

Background & objectives: Music is a form of art which expresses ideas/emotions of nature and feelings of a person, through the usage of instruments and voices. The study aimed to assess the impact of music on academic performance, to compare the music preferences between different genders based on learning, and to assess the relationship between music and personality on learning. Methods: A cross-sectional study was conducted among the students of Gulf Medical University using a validated, self-administered questionnaire. Ethical consent was obtainedbefore the research. Data were analyzed using SPSS version 24. A chi-square test was used for finding the association. Results: 41% of music listeners while studying got an A grade compared to 35% non-music listeners. Preferred music by females and males was Complex Music with 68.6% and 64.9% respectively with significant p-value. Reserved and Open-minded participants liked more of Complex music. The highest grade among the Extroverts was the A grade (46.9%) and the introverts were B grade (42.8%). Interpretation & Conclusion: Complex music had a positive impact on getting a high score, among females with an Extroversion personality trait. Similarly, Complex music and Intense music had a positive impact on getting a high score among Females with Openness personality. Instrumental music helps in increasing academic performance without any effect on personality. Keywords - Academic Performance, Complex Music, Music, Music Preference, Personality.