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Value Added of the Social Business Networks (Bulgarian Case)

As the Social Business Networks (SBN) were developed for sharing business excellence practices to the corporate stakeholders, the main benefit of their existence is the change of the business added value scheme. Thus, using different e-platforms and/or cloud services, the business extends the added value and share it within the whole value chain – from suppliers via human capital to the customers. Nevertheless, the mechanism of the enlargement of the added value of the new Industry 4.0 companies is not fully developed. So, the basic goal of the paper is to present a challenging approach of added value establishment inside the Industry 4.0 social business networks. The Bulgarian example helps to understand how development of SBNs will provide better value added to the business. Thus, the structure of the paper is: 1. Introduction to the Social Business Networking; 2. Development added value model for Industry 4.0; 3. Existing value added model of social business networking in Bulgaria; Conclusions. Keywords - Industry 4.0, Social Business Networks, Added value.