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The Strategic Management Process in Improving of Indonesian Defense Industries

Industrialization process through increasing the production capacity of the national defense industry are part of the natural process that will be experienced by a nation including Indonesia as part of developing countries that shift from modern industrial country with a constructive to competitive industrial system. Based on qualitative analysis on the Porter 's Diamond model as a tool to design a concept of increasing the competitive power of the defense industry Human Resources (HR) in Indonesia, it will be known how the opportunities for profitable companies consistently. Some of the things that can be attempted to achieve these conditions include planting commitment as an industrial defense base whose main goal is the development of the strength of the national defense system with the dual use concept, reconstructing harmonious relations with the Indonesian Armed Forces (TNI), the availability of local supporting industries and more progressive research & development programs to achieve production levels and efficient financing. Keywords - Defense Industry, Competitive Power of HR, Dual Use, Profitable, Research & Development