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Sustainable Supplier Selection and Carbon Management towards Sustainable Supply Chain

Nowadays, firms of all sizes and industries are challenging to become more responsible towards the environment and society aligning with economy, this due to the pressures from various stakeholders. In light of this, the concept of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) has received attention of the industry and academia due to its importance on environmental, social and economic performance. However, the SC starts with suppliers; the process of selecting supplier is the first step to achieve sustainability in managing the supply chain. Supplier selection has been identified as one of the most critical issues in SSCM; nevertheless, it’s difficult to be managed as it includes criteria and decision making methods which are characterized with complexity and uncertainty. This research presents a review of previous literature about sustainable supplier selection. Besides, the approaches which were prevalently applied, as well as the criteria and their sub criteria for sustainable supplier selection. The research methodology depends on a case study through using a semi-structure interview with procurement and supply chain managers from an industrial firm, to gain feedback determine to what extend the practitioners used such criteria. Further, the research ends with findings, managerial insights and directions for future research. Keywords - Sustainability, Sustainable Supply Chain Management, and Sustainable Supplier Selection