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How to Improve Employee Participation in Educational and Training Courses

It is not easy to combine the overall operating objectives of enterprises with educational and training courses, not to mention the fact that the actual situation of employees must be considered in the course design process, it will take a lot of effort. The curriculum has been completed, but the employee's need for growth, family motivation and demand for power all affect the participation of the course, and once the participation is reduced, the content of the course promised by the company will ultimately be put into effect on increasing the employee's own functions. What's more, if the expectation of further enhancing the function of the employee is to meet the personal objectives, the ultimate personal goal is to target the overall operating objectives of the company. Therefore, in order to improve the participation of employees in the course, from the staff's own background and work content of the inquiry, so as to enhance the participation of employees in the education and training courses, to achieve the expected effect of the company. The purpose of the study on this topic is described below:(1) Understand the development of the case-by-case company management system.(2) Understand employee characteristics.(3) After understanding the two reasons mentioned above, how can improve employee acceptance and participation in the course. There are several problems in the education and training courses promoted by the general enterprise, not only the training courses are too formal, the training content is too boring, the staff need to spend extra time off work, the lack of motivation for education and training, the will and awareness, The training content cannot be applied immediately to practical work or subject to various external interferences to successfully participate in the training course. In this study, we asked ten employees from different departments who were ready to move to management positions to understand their employee characteristics. Grades from commissioner to department manager. Two of the employees interviewed were characterized by families, who had relatively positive demand for promotion and were more involved, while other non-family employees were less active; The staff of the catering department or the department of housing are very easy to influence the participation of the course because of the disruption of the workload of the day. This study found that when employees' needs are met, they can deepen the employee's commitment to the career and the implementation of the action plan, thereby increasing personal performance and retention intentions, and enabling employees to develop their talents (Walker, 1980, pp.385-388). The human resources department of the case company formulates the employee development plan by Customerization, combines the existing curriculum resources of the enterprise, and increases the employee participation, and finally achieves the re-application of the existing resources and can play the effect that the curriculum should have. Keywords - Development Planning Process, Course Participation, Employee Characteristics