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Maternal Mortality Rate: A Threat To The African Countries

African countries have been mentioned by many researches as having the highest rate of maternal mortality compared to other continents in the world. Maternal mortality has for long been a serious problem that is engulfing the lives of many childbearing (pregnant) women mostly in the African countries as a result of many contributory factors. Focuses on improving maternal health, with target aiming to reduce the maternal mortality ratio (MMR).This paper discussed maternal mortality concepts, factors of maternal mortality in the black countries and the way forward for the reduction of maternal mortality in black countries and top five countries with highest maternal mortality rate. The paper suggested among others that pregnant mothers in the African countries should be encourage to attend antenatal clinics for routine check-ups, so that risk factors of pregnancy related infections will be diagnosed; be detected early and treated promptly and also health education and promotion programme should be intensified in African countries in order to create awareness, so that people can adopt positive health behaviour by heeding to good treatment seeking behaviour pattern when at risk. Keywords- African Countries, Maternal Mortality Rate, Threat.