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Marketing Strategic Management: Social Media Marketing Investigation & Analysis

In changing environment of a world market, Internet function, and specially Web 2.0 time, social media function is a grave issue. For marketing strategists, this message is clear; to maintain in powerful customers’ period require to less dependency than the mass marketing tactics, understanding of technology function in the market creation, and most importantly run into the social media applications as a part of a marketing toolbox, it has changed to a necessitate matter. Although, the social media is in the infancy time, but it causes potential, and grave successes in business. As well as, the social media marketing is an integral element of 21st-century business; yet, the literature on this issue remains disintegrated, and is concentrated on isolated subjects; so in this paper, the authors have tried to assert on some other aspects in this matter. Firstly, have discussed to social media marketing basis in this paper, and then have attended to advantages, and disservices which the marketing has accompanied by using the social media. Keywords - Electronic Marketing, Social Media, Internet Marketing, Internet Strategic, Online Marketing.