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Female Genital Mutilation In Nigeria: An Overview Of The Health Consequences Involved In The Practice Of Clitoral Disgust

This paper examined the practice of subjecting young baby girls and women to either partial or total removal of external female genitalia for non-medical reasons; female genital mutilation (FGM) in Nigeria. Plethora of studies showed the prevalence of FGM and its significant health consequences which include shock; fear; excessive haemorrhage; severe pain; infertility, psychosomatic urine retention out of fear and pain; painful sexual intercourse, risk of VVF and RVF, abdominal cramps and painful menstruation; recurrent urinary tract infection, increase risk of Caesarean section; prolonged and obstructed labour and even maternal and neonatal mortality. The paper discussed the concept, classifications, prevalence, and the health consequences involved in the FGM practice. It was recommended among others that intensive health education and sensitisation campaigns should be maintained to keep the general public informed on the significant health consequences involved in the FGM practice thus heeding them to adopt positive health behaviour. Keywords- FGM, health Consequences, clitoral disgust