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Efficiency Improvement of Rice Polishing Cylinder Axial for Small Rice Mill in the Community

The objective of this research was to improve the efficiency of rice polishing cylinder axial for small rice mill in the community. From the surveying of problems in the community that use small rice mills with Choltee Subanan rice mill factory at Ubon Ratchathani province in Thailand. It found the axial of rice polishing cylinders have many rust on surface because the axial is made from steel In addition, the binder for casting has magnesium chloride saline. So, it is easy many rust on axial. Therefore, there is an idea to improve this trouble has 2 ways were axial zinc plating and changed axial material by stainless steel instead. When compared the efficiency of rice mill of three types axial that covered original axial in the marketing by Minitab Release 14 Program evaluation. We found the rice polishing cylinder that used stainless steel axial has the best effective and original axial with zinc plating axial have the effective in the following sequence. In addition, we found the type of axial has affected to the wear rate, broken rice percent and rice milling quantity by significant at level 0.05. Keywords - Axial, rust, effective, rice polishing cylinder