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Integrate sustainable standards in Interior Design Curriculum (Interior Design Department� Jubail University College-Case Study)

Humanity faces many challenges in this era.One of these challenges is the ability of people to satisfy their needs for living without consuming the resources forthe coming generation.Through sustainability,societies can reduce theiruse of resources and minimizing the negative impact of their activities.Consequently, sustainability is a major way to change our world toward better welfare and healthy human lives. The paradigm shift from non-sustainable to sustainable design and construction is challenging for those who are responsible for the building environment.(Jones,2008) A considerable changes should happen in education systems in order to achieve sustainable development, Through education a great shift can happen in people and societies towards more sustainable practices. (UNESCO, 1992)To ensure sustainability will be a normal practice in the future, a great shift in design education should happen especially in the fields of architecture and interior design. This research suggests integratingsustainability issues in the interior design curriculum through all levels and in different courses.Becausesustainability is a comprehensive concept and must be fully understood and implemented, students should study it in many courses and in all levels of those courses. Key words- Interior design - Sustainability � Curriculum � LEED categories