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Use Solar PV Panels as an Integration System in Historic Building for Renovating or Extension

Using solar P.V panels as a one of the sustainable approach in building are be common, nowadays. Finding a best way to add this panels to ancient buildings is very important. Using solar P.V panels as an integration system help us to achieve this goal. In these two case study we suggest that using this system. How we can use Solar P.V panels as an integration system in historic building for renovating or extension? It is the most important question in this paper. Our world face energy efficient problem, nowadays. On the other hand, historic building are being an important part of our culture and society. These kind of buildings are using as a tourist abortion place or the function of them are changed and used in new ways. Using this building with new way of energy usage are very important due to society and environment. Finding a best way to reach both of these goal are being an important problem ant it will be our problem in this paper. Historic building like other buildings need to renovate or extension. For this reason, using sustainable approach can help us to reach this goal. Using Solar P.V panels to generate electrician is being one of this ways. For protecting historic building, architecture can use solar panels as an integrations system it will be our aim. The method which can use in this research, is being finding minimum two samples of historic places, where are extension or renovate now. Then suggest that the integration solar P.V panels how can added to their new changes. Keywords - Historic Buildings, Renovate or Extension in Historic Building, Historic Buildings Energy Efficiency, Integration Solar P.V Panels.