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A Performance of Peano Koch Hybrid Fractal Antenna for 2.4 and 5.5GHz Applications

In this modernization, demand of wireless devices tremendously increased. The antenna is part and parcel component of every wireless electronic device. Thanks to hybrid fractal technology, single antenna can used for various applications. In this article, a hybrid fractal antenna is designed using Peano and Koch antenna. The performance of hybrid fractal antenna is scrutinized and anticipated with various antenna parameters to judge antenna behavior. The hybrid fractal antenna dimensions are 34x42 mm2 and proposed antenna can operate 2.43 GHz frequency. This small size antenna has less than 2 value of VSWR at every resonant frequency. The proposed antenna is light in weight because it designed on FR4 epoxy material and cheaper in price. The current distribution and radiation pattern also demonstrate the omni directional radiation of electromagnetic waves. Max gain of 18dB at 2.43GHz at unlicensed band for Bluetooth application is achieved. Proposed antenna can also operate at 5.5GHz for Wi-Fi and WLAN application and 3G cellular communication (1.90-1.98GHz). Keywords - Peano, Koch, GHz, VSWR, FR4