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Sociological Study of Active Civil Institutions in the field of Drug Addiction: A Path to Development

The sociological dimensions of functions related to nongovernmental organizations, with an emphasis on the functions of these organizations as a civil institution has often been neglected.Thus, the present study aimed to use qualitative method of grounded theory. In this method, the results of interviews with the managers of active nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) as well as addiction treatment specialists were analyzed and coded. Accordingly, amodel was developed upon which the formulation of the organizations was studied. The results of the analysis showed that confiding social affairs including the treatment of addiction to NGOs has many advantages, among which the most important are the deep recognition of civil institutions in relation to social issues, increasing financial and voluntary contributions from the public in the field of social issues, increasing concern for high quality services, the rise of public demand for conducting interventions, and the demand from the people towards civil institutions. Keywords - Civil Institutions, Drug Abuse, NGOs, Treatment