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The Impacts of Online Marketing Mix Factors towards Online Purchasing Decision by Gen Y Chinese Consumers in the Upper Northern Region of Thailand

This independent study aims at studying the level of online marketing mixes and online purchasing decisions of Gen Y Chinese consumers who lived in the upper northern region of Thailand, and studying the impacts of online marketing mix factors on online purchasing decisions by Gen Y Chinese consumers who lived in the upper northern provinces of Thailand. The data was collected by using online questionnaires and the samples were 385 Chinese consumers whose ages between 17-36 years old and used to have online purchases through specific sampling method. This research is a descriptive statistics such as frequency, percentage, mean, and standard deviation and uses inferential statistics such as Enter multiple regression analysis method. The results indicated that the privacy level of the online marketing mix factor was very high, while the factors of product, price, place, promotion, personalization and decision-making level were at medium level. Moreover, the analysis of the relationship of regression, the study found that the online marketing mix factor of privacy was the most effective towards purchasing decision on online products with statistical significance at the level .05. Keywords - Online Marketing Mix, Purchasing Decision, Gen Y Chinese Consumers