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Research on the Evaluation of Mathematical Magic Teaching on Improving the Ability of Logical Reasoning in Junior High School Student

This study explores the research of mathematics magic teaching on improving the effectiveness of the logical reasoning ability of junior high school students. In conjunction with the forthcoming 108 syllabi, the researcher teaches mathematics courses in the seventh-grade flexible curriculum in junior high school. To achieve the spirit of "core literacy" emphasized in the exploration of mathematics and 108 syllabi, researchers use mathematical magic as the theme. For teaching, mathematics magic is a kind of magic designed by using mathematical concepts. Therefore, after referring to various mathematical magic teachings, the researcher developed a series of mathematical magic teaching plans that conform to the level of junior high school students and inspired by the five-segment teaching method and mathematical magic. In addition to the hope of stimulating students' motivation, and through the students' active exploration of the learning processes, the influence of this teaching method on the logical reasoning ability of the junior high school students is explored to achieve the teaching activities of the five-stage teaching mode of mathematics magic. This study used the action research method, and the subjects studied were class students taught by the researcher, all of whom had never contact with mathematics magic. Before and after teaching, the students measured by the Raven's Standard Matrix Reasoning Test (SPM+), and the SPSS used for pre-test and post-test analysis. The results showed that students had significant differences in the basic single-bilayer changed ability, indicating that the teaching model has improved the logical reasoning ability of the students. The teachers can help to develop a mathematical magic teaching mode that suitable for the junior high school students through the observation records in the classroom and the interviews after the school. Keywords - 108 Syllabi, Logical Reasoning Ability, Mathematical Magic Teaching.