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The Analysis on Evaluation Utilization Indicators in Technical High Schools

School evaluation is an important mechanism to promote the self-growth of school members and the improvement of educational quality of the school, while the evaluation utilization indicators help guide the educational functions of evaluation. This study employed the Technical High School Evaluation Utilization Indicators constructed as the research tool, and a questionnaire survey was conducted among the educators in technical high schools to understand the current situation of the school's evaluation process use and the use of evaluation findings. The statistical methods adopted included: Descriptive Statistics, One-Way Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Pearson Product-Moment Correlation. The main research findings were as follows. Technical high school students generally believed that the current status of evaluation utilization reached a medium level, and that the evaluation process use was significantly higher than the use of evaluation findings. The current status of the evaluation process use reached a moderate level. The performance of “learning evaluation” was the highest, while both “clarifying the organization context” and “creating common understanding” were the lowest performance. The use of evaluation findings achieved a medium level. The highest performance was the “serving as a basis for decision making”, while the lowest was the “enhancing the development of the organization”and the “promotion of knowledge growth.” There was a significantly positive correlation between evaluation process use and the use of evaluation findings at the whole and various levels in schools. Keywords - Evaluation Utilization, Evaluation Process Use, Use of Evaluation Findings, Technical High School