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The Applicability of Binding theory to Multilingual Parallel Corpus: A Principle and Parameter Perspective

This paper tests the validity of the Binding Theory(BT) in a multilingual parallel corpus of three widely spoken languages (Arabic, English, and Chinese). Specifically, it examines the distribution of the reflexive pronouns in these languages, employing a major theory of syntax; Principles and Parameters (P&P), advocated in Chomsky (1981). The aim of this study is three-fold: to present a contrastive analysis of of data from these languages that have been neglected by many linguists, to investigates the applicability of the language universals to the three languages in the light of the Government and Binding Theory (GB) and to provide translators with an important base to build their translation on an understanding of the syntactic structure of Arabic with respect to P&P. This paper is divided into five main parts. The first presents some theoretical background of the Binding Theory. The second reviews the literature while the third presents the methodology adopted in this paper followed by the application of principle A in Arabic, English, Chinese structures. Keywords - Binding Theory, Contrastive Analysis, Multilingual Corpus