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The Key Factors Influencing Access to Finance for Scaling up Clean Modern Energy in Rural Areas of Rwanda

This study sought to Identify Key factors Influencing Access to Finance for Scaling up Clean Modern Energy in Rural Areas of Rwanda. The study specifically focused on participation in financial institutions; financial literacy of the rural populations and available lending schemes in financial institutions to support the scaling up of clean modern energy.The study adopted a descriptive research design. This study was conducted in Ngarama sector where the majority of the populations lack access to clean modern energy due to inability to purchase a standalone solar system. In Ngarama sector, approximately 81% lives in rural areas where national grid does not reach, therefore leaving Ngarama resident with only one choice of accessing electricity through off grid technology. The study used random sampling to select 267 households. The study used primary data, which was collected using questionnaires, through simple random sampling to come up with the final sample. In this study, descriptive statistics, which involves frequencies and percentages, was used in analysis. The study findings revealed that membership in financial institutions is the first step in right direction towards a sustainable solution for the rural populations who are financially excluded and hence attain means to purchase clean modern energy. The study findings also revealed that financial literacy is at low level in many rural areas and this prevents the customers from seizing the available opportunities in different financial institution. The study findings recommended that flexible credit facilities for clean modern energy in remote areas be structured and embedded in the financial institution product with the intention of supporting the underprivileged population access the funds to purchase the solar home system of her choice for which they shall embrace the sense of ownership to the system purchased and be able to take care of the upkeep cost that may arise during servicing period. Keywords - Clean Modern Energy; Microfinance; Energy Access; Affordability