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Authenticity and Integrity of Architectural Heritage in Chandigarh City Landscape: Conservation – Restoration of Exposed Concrete Façade of Heritage Building

Chandigarh-City Beautiful is a unique expression of urbanism in the machine age civilization, use of natural building material in the construction of exposed cement concrete structures and the citizen’s faith to sustain its Architectural Heritage. Chandigarh Administration Heritage Conservation Committee, Urban Planning Department and the College of Architecture, Research Project, focuses our attention on restoration of altered or damaged exposed cement concrete façade, maintenance, treatment and protection of heritage buildings in the City Landscape. This paper covers the demonstration exercises undertaken for conservation, repair, restoration of altered or damaged concrete façade / surface textures of CCA Building, the TDI Mall, and the City Centre Heritage Buildings in Sector-17, Chandigarh Keywords - Restoration of Concrete, Heritage, Conservation of Heritage, Modern Heritage, Urban Heritage, Concrete Damage