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Securing Regional Development

Regional Development is linked to Sustainability and also, Development is linked to Security, both nationally and globally.The expanded view of Security has opened the discussion of new technologies introduced non-traditional threats that become vulnerable to regional security and thereby to regional development. Five broad types of situations or premises that constitute a security in which threats overlap and interact, those new threats warrant new security paradigms that traditional international relations ignored so far. The purpose of this research is to analyses and study the impact of these new threats to security and how they affect regional development. Protection to the digital ecosystem and critical infrastructure from threats could be by implementing the security program of Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), however, awareness, preparedness, and resilience of societies with the international community are as key preconditions of further secure and sustainable economic development and general well-being. Case studies of new technologies that threaten global societies economically and socially. Keywords - Critical Infrastructure, Cyber Security, Digital Ecosystem, Regional Development, SDGs(Sustainable Development Goals), New Technologies, STEM (Science, Technology, and Engineering, and Mathematics), Sustainable Development, Trans-state threats.