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The Role of Job Crafting and Psychological Empowerment on Work Engagement

This study aims to examine the role of job crafting and psychological empowerment to work engagement in IT sales in Jakarta. Work engagement is important for employees in the company because work engagement can increase employee innovation in being more creative, productive, and willing to contribute further to their work. A questionnaire survey through an online survey was conducted among IT Sales employees. The participants of this study were 208 IT sales employees who worked in Jakarta. The measurement of this study uses SmartPLS3. Job crafting, psychological empowerment, and work engagement were assessed using the Job Crafting Scale, Psychological Empowerment Scale, and Utrecht Work Engagement Scale (UWES). Multiple regression showed that that job crafting was significant role associated work engagement (β = 0.482, p = 0.000 <0.05). The more innovative and proactive IT sales employees are, the more engage IT employees working at the company. While psychological empowerment does not have a significant role associated work engagement (β = 0.105, p = 0.084> 0.05). This study reveals differences with previous research that psychological empowerment has a significant role in work engagement. Keywords - Work Engagement, Job Crafting, Psychological Empowerment