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Integration of Shading Device with Solar System in High Rise Building

The world faces energy crisis nowadays, it means that we have to alter the source energy of human demanding. Renewable energy has an important role in this situation. Trying to use two or more than two sustainable systems together is very important to solve this problem. In this paper, we try to integrate shading and solar system in the high-rise building.In the first step, we gather some information about the effect of the shading device and solar system and high-rise building on buildings. After that, we find some sample of using the solar system with the shading device. In the next step we find some intermediate system of solar and shading device and in the final step, we compare them and find some positive points which are giants by architects and residential in this system. Keywords - Solar Systems, Solar P.V Panels. Shading Device, High-Rise Building, and Energy Efficient in Sustainable Building.